PICONO Watches & Accessories
Our Story
PICONO is an independent brand from TAIWAN that combines two words in Spanish “pico & novede”. The meaning is finding the balance between creative and unique sense of design. The Taiwanese designer used a unique way of thinking and design to create the minimalist, fashion, and connotation wrist watch. We hope that watch is no more only for checking the time but also is an attitude of wonderful life. PICONO hope can change people life at some place, so our main brand idea is “low price and high quality” that let everyone know nice watch don’t need expensive. PICONO Watches is finished by experienced masters and passed 72 hours quality testing before we hand it to you. Now, let’s change life starting from wrist watches.
Our insist
  • PICONO is assembled with Japenese movements and batteries.
  • PICONO has luminous chemical which is measured up to the standard of RoHS on the dials and hands. It helps you seeing the time under the dark environment.
  • We have more than 30 years-experience watchmakers. From developing and designing to manufacturing and assembling, watchmakers complete all the details themselves. PICONO provides the best quality and service. We have the most delicate and unique watches.
  • PICONO assembling more than one dial in a watch is different from the traditional techniques. We use 99% pure copper with etching which could be done in 0.02 millimeters. The technique is not complicated, however, our watchmakers insist on using the most exquisite skills.