PICONO Watches & Accessories
What should I do if the watch has been immersed in water?
If the watch is immersed in water, you can wrap it in a tissue or soft cloth, then put within 15 cm of a 40-watt light bulb and let it sit for about 30 minutes. This will help remove any internal moisture. Do not put the directly into a high-temperature oven, as this can cause damage to the watch.
What qualifies as being “immersed in water”?
Using a strong column of water or high-pressure water to directly hit the watch.
Is the luminous paint toxic?
The watch dial and needle are covered with luminous paint that lets you use watch in dark environments. The luminous paint does not include any radioactive or otherwise harmful substances, and it is safe for human contact.
Are there any allergic risks associated with the metal/leather/balata watchbands?
  • Please adjust watchband to increase ventilation.
  • Different physical constitutions and states of health may lead to skin allergies.
  • If the watch is rusty or dirty, sweating may cause itching or an allergic reactions.
  • If a user has a skin allergy, rash, or other negative reaction to the watch band, stop wearing the watch immediately and consult your physician.